Municipal Counsel & Litigation

Our attorneys have strong backgrounds in the operation of both municipal and state governments, and each brings his or her own government experience to the firm. Our attorneys have served as Town Meeting Members, Town Moderator, on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Recreation, Board of Health, Human Resource Commission, Historical Commission, in the Massachusetts Senate Counsel’s Office, and as assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate.

This first-hand experience with municipal and state government means Joyce Law Group’s attorneys are particularly aware of and sensitive to the issues facing municipal officials including local boards and commissions. Our team understands the challenges facing municipalities, and can represent your town zealously with an eye towards real-world ramifications.

Joyce Law Group offers a comprehensive range of legal services to satisfy the essential functions that a municipality requires of its outside counsel. We have the ability to both litigate on a town’s behalf and to counsel its leaders on proposed courses of action.

Whatever the legal issue facing your town – whether it be in litigation, contractual negotiations, legislation and policy, or governmental operations, our firm can provide timely and accurate legal and strategic advice on the ramifications of any potential course of action. Our lawyers offer particular expertise in employment law, environmental law, construction law, contracts, tort law, legislative drafting and land use/zoning. We are able to provide real world liability and cost-benefit assessments based upon our extensive experience.

Many areas of law change rapidly in the face of new precedent, particularly in the areas of employment and zoning. In addition, recently passed legislation may require significant changes to long-standing rules or practices employed by towns. Failure to adjust municipal policies to adapt to developing legal trends can expose a community to liability. Given that many courses of action can lead to litigation, particularly in employment law and land use, it is crucial that cities and towns receive legal guidance that reflects the current status of the law.

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Our team has over two decades of expert knowledge in editing and drafting legislation and the redrafting and review of municipal ordinances for constitutionality. Our team has authored bills relative to town charters, land use, mutual aid, regionalized services, fire sprinklers, traffic cameras, dangerous dogs, and exemption from civil service eligibility requirements. Joyce Law Group is ideally suited to effectively manage the municipal drafting needs of any city or town.

Joyce Law Group attorneys have drafted and negotiated various types of contracts and legal agreements, including solar power permitting contracts, power purchase agreements, energy procurement documents, real estate leases, software licensing agreements, employment agreements, severance agreements, and PILOT agreements. We bring our unique understanding of governmental policy and practice to the drafting of ordinances and other policies to
minimize the potential for future legal challenges.

Joyce Law Group has considerable experience in the areas of zoning and land use. Our attorneys have experience in a host of zoning and permitting projects, including those ranging from commercial and residential development to solar power, billboard and cellular tower permits.

The team at Joyce Law Group consists of some of the top litigation attorneys in Massachusetts. Each partner brings nearly thirty years of experience in state and federal courts, and we have argued over 100 jury trials combined to successful resolutions. We can provide our municipal clients with expert representation in actions both by and against the city or town. Joyce Law Group has managed a caseload that encompasses personal injury, wrongful death, premises liability, disability, employment discrimination and wrongful termination suits, state and federal discrimination law claims, wage and hour violations, breach of contract, and complex construction litigation. Our firm’s extensive litigation experience allows us to provide insight into how certain courses of action may or may not lead to litigation, and how to best anticipate the outcome and costs (financial, legal, political and administrative) of a chosen course.

Our firm has considerable experience with the labor and employment issues facing municipal employers. Our attorneys routinely draft employment documents, including employment agreements and the drafting of workplace policies and procedures. We have successfully defended our clients from allegations of wrongful termination and race discrimination and have litigated claims under the Wage and Hour Act, Title VII, and the ADA. We have experience in managing employment discrimination claims at all levels, and have investigated harassment or employment discrimination claims brought by employees. Our attorneys have practice before both the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination through state courts and the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts on these matters.

We have successfully represented many clients in environmental law matters, particularly issues arising under M.G.L. c. 21E and the migration of contaminants under parcels of land. Our role as insurance defense counsel for several major energy insurers and as outside counsel to their third-party administrators has given our team an intimate knowledge of the complex regulatory and legal requirements related to contaminated properties, brownfields, and related issues. We have extensive experience with clean energy projects including the siting of solar arrays.

Our team has substantial experience in the area of affordable housing, including the creation of municipal Affordable Housing Trusts and the establishment of Smart Growth Zoning Overlay Districts. Our firm is well suited to represent cities and towns through all stages of the M. G.L. c. 40B process.

Joyce Law Group is fully cognizant of the budgetary constraints facing cities and town in Massachusetts, and is committed to maximizing the services provided to our clients while minimizing legal costs. The breadth of subject matter expertise at Joyce Law Group, coupled with the municipal government background of our attorneys, enables our team to provide legal services at efficient, cost-effective rates. Our firm works with Town Administrators and Managers to streamline legal requests to further limit costs. In addition, our firm’s litigation experience enables our attorneys to act as counselors to inform town officials on the potential litigation exposure of certain courses of action. Our proactive approach helps to avoid unnecessary lawsuits and other legal expenses.

Our clients do not pay for an exclusive Boston law firm address in a glass tower, expensive artwork, or exotic office furnishings. Joyce Law Group offices are strategically located adjacent to Routes 93 and 95, so as to provide our attorneys easy access to multiple jurisdictions. They are working offices – not showplaces – as we prefer to invest in technology that allows us to better serve our clients.

Joyce Law Group attorneys have drafted and negotiated contracts and legal agreements, relating to solar power permitting, power purchase agreements, energy procurement documents. We bring our understanding of governmental policy and practice to the drafting of ordinances and other policies to minimize the potential for future legal challenges.

Joyce Law Group has successfully represented many clients in environmental law matters. Our role as insurance defense counsel for several major energy insurers and as outside counsel to their third-party administrators has given our team an intimate knowledge of the complex regulatory and legal requirements. Our firm has extensive experience in the renewable energy field, and has represented clients in the placement of solar arrays.

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