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The team at Joyce Law Group consists of some of the sharpest litigation attorneys in New England. Each partner brings nearly thirty years of experience in state and federal courts, as well as before local, state, and federal regulatory bodies. Combined they have argued hundreds of jury trials to successful resolutions.

Joyce Law Group has achieved considerable success across the field of insurance defense law. In particular, its attorneys have excelled in handling property and casualty claims, life and health claims, insurance coverage disputes, and environmental damage claims (including liability arising out of fuel oil spills).

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Our firm has a strong background in the defense of property damage claims, having won many courtroom victories for our insurance clients. We have defended a number of catastrophic property damage claims, and have successfully prosecuted and defended multi-million dollar construction lawsuits.

We represent leading national and regional carriers and their insureds on third-party claims that range from motor vehicle traffic accidents and storm damage, to catastrophic property losses and wrongful death actions. We also counsel insurance carriers on both complex first-party insurance litigation and subrogation claims.

What makes our firm particularly valuable to our insurance clients is our ability to work effectively with experts, particularly regarding cause and origin, and to effectively address both the liability and damages components of lawsuits. We win on liability when possible, and minimize damages when it is not.

Our firm also represents individual business clients in the defense of tort, as well as contract and employment lawsuits.

Joyce Law Group has an extensive background in a wide range of insurance fraud issues and special investigations, including staged motor vehicle accidents, arson for profit, medical provider fraud and enhanced damage claims.

Our firm has been successful in handling all stages of claims involving suspected insurance fraud, including:

  • Providing legal advice and counsel in support of investigations
  • Conducting Examinations Under Oath
  • Preparing coverage analysis
  • Drafting denial letters
  • Litigating direct claims and counter-claims arising from fraudulent or exaggerated losses

Our experienced attorneys understand the unique dynamics of handling fraudulent first-party and third-party claims, and collaborate effectively with experts in the areas of forensic analysis, automobile accident reconstruction, computer data analysis, medical billing/ records examination, as well as cause and origin analysis.

Joyce Law Group attorneys have provided training on a national, regional and local level on a wide spectrum of fraud-related topics. Among those groups addressed have been the International Association of Special Investigative Units (IASIU), the New England Association of Insurance Fraud Investigators (NEAIFI), the New England Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigative Units (NEIASIU), and the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy.

We have significant expertise defending and presenting cases related to state and federal environmental laws. Our role as insurance defense counsel for several major energy insurers and as counsel to their third-party administrators has given our attorneys an intimate knowledge of the complex regulatory and legal requirements related to contaminated properties, Brownfields, and related issues on a state, regional, and national level.

We have successfully defended parties from claims ranging from oil spills to those related to migration of contaminants under parcels of property. Recent cases include the successful defense of a company sued by a major developer on the grounds of migration of solvents into adjoining parcels; and the defense of an oil company and its insurance company against a $1.8 million property damage claim in which we were able to prove, in a multi-week trial, the damage was caused by a faulty chimney and not our client’s repair work.

Notably, our firm has extensive experience in the renewable energy field, having represented energy savings companies (ESCOs), as well as corporate and municipal clients in the placement of solar arrays. We fully understand the complexities of siting, permitting, and negotiating traditional and alternative energy contracts and projects. We also built a case that forced a utility to give up its so-called franchise rights on a project, saving our client approximately $3 million.

Joyce Law Group has substantial experience in defending clients in product liability cases. Our clients know that when it is a “bet the company”
matter, Joyce Law Group delivers positive results.

Much of our product liability litigation involves claims that a product has caused injury or property damage due to negligence in design, manufacturing, marketing, breach of warranty, or consumer warnings. We have the resources and experience necessary to effectively defend manufacturers of all types of products in both local jurisdictions and federal courts.

Joyce Law Group includes attorneys with over 30 years of experience in the defense of all types of personal injury claims, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to premises liability lawsuits. We understand the need of our clients to pay or settle claims where appropriate, but to vigorously and cost effectively defend lawsuits when necessary. We are always thoroughly prepared to bring a case to trial, and our firm has a stellar record of successful defense verdicts.

Our firm is the ideal size for handling complex personal injury litigation, without incurring the expense of a “glass tower” law firm with a downtown address. Our extensive network of investigators and expert witnesses allow us to meticulously prepare for trial, and we are always ready to argue actively in defense of our insurance clients.

Attorneys of Joyce Law Group have deep experience in matters relating to life, health, and disability insurance, representing both carriers and third-party administrators. We resolve contested claims and have handled disputes and litigation regarding reinsurance issues. We are well versed on federal laws involving COBRA coverage and HIPAA privacy matters.

Disputes often arise between insurer and insured, or between insurers, as to what, and whether, a particular risk is covered by an insurer’s policy. Sometimes the question arises before litigation has begun. Sometimes it comes afterwards. Joyce Law Group has the experience and expertise to review and analyze policy language, in conjunction with any particular set of facts concerning a risk, and render comprehensive, understandable coverage opinions to our clients.

If litigation over the dispute has already commenced, Joyce Law Group can advise our clients on the prospects of litigation. We can efficiently, effectively, and forcefully handle a lawsuit on the subject. The use of declaratory judgments can offer significant advantages, including minimal
discovery, active positioning, and reduced attorney fees.

As the standards and procedures governing declaratory judgments vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is advisable to have local counsel with local knowledge engaged for the task. Joyce Law Group has a proven record of success on insurance coverage litigation, both in obtaining favorable declaratory judgments for our clients, and preventing such quick action when it favors an opposing party. Our experience and expertise helps us bring cost efficient services to our clients in this field.

Joyce Law Group is fully cognizant of the budgetary constraints facing insurers, and is committed to maximizing the services provided to our clients while minimizing legal costs. The breadth of subject matter experience at Joyce Law Group, coupled with the added value of the strong insurance defense background of our attorneys, enables our team to provide legal services at efficient, cost- effective rates.

Our clients do not pay for an exclusive downtown address in a glass tower, expensive artwork, or exotic office furnishings. Joyce Law Group’s primary offices are strategically located so as to provide our attorneys easy access to multiple jurisdictions. They are working offices – not showplaces – as we prefer to invest in technology that allows us to better serve our clients.

We plan to make a significant investment in co-developing JoyceLINK, a Cloud-based file sharing system that provides our insurance clients with virtually instant access to documents, filings, transcripts, findings, and other information on every case we handle. This transparency allows a claims manager or in-house counsel to have the latest status of a case at his or her fingertips.

We understand the need for rapid and open communication, especially for claims professionals and legal counsel who may be managing multiple claims at one time. JoyceLINK will be a password-protected window into all aspects of a case, available 24/7.

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